Various access methods (JS, SDK, S2S API) are available for developers to choose.Relying on the support of internal and external advertisers, the global filling rate of more than 95% can be achieved. Developers can independently view the multi-dimensional transformation report in the background.

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We offer you a powerful Audience Buy Solution. Through artificial intelligence Driven by technologies, We provide a consummate user portrait system, to provide hobbies, gender and other multi-dimensional.Which ensures that your enterprise information can reach your target group efficiently.

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Product Advantages


LinksureAd provides a pre-review mechanism that requires buyers to upload ad creatives to the platform in advance and perform real-time reading and feedback to ensure safe and effective productivity. LinksureAd provides pre-filtering to scan advertisers, creatives, and target points before the buyer bids, and to provide real-time feedback on the resulting package information. It can protect the media's own sales channels to the greatest extent according to media needs, and guarantee the success rate of each traffic distribution.


LinksureAd provides a free and open communication platform for buyers and sellers. Through the relationship setting, both parties can freely establish or cancel the relationship. At the same time, the platform provides three traffic distribution modes: traffic interruption, real-time bidding, and traffic reloading of buyers and sellers to meet the actual trading demand of both parties. LinksureAd also provides a comprehensive and rich API interface to both buyers and sellers, which can be used as an application module to access both parties' own management systems.


LinksureAd provides feature customization for specific media needs. For example, each media has an in-place ad setting for inventory traffic. The underlying delivery settings of the platform make it easy to enable traffic return on the media created ad slots and set the return address. In this way, the platform links the inventory sales resources with the underlying push resources to improve the utilization of media resources.

What We Offer

Massive Users

As of August 2018, the WiFi Master has more than 800 million monthly activities, including 700 million domestically and 100 million overseas. It has ranked first in the list of Google Play free tools in more than 50 countries and regions.

Powerful traffic resources and user resources allow you to instantly present your business information to mobile users in need, and further establish deep communication to gain unlimited business opportunities.

Steady growth

Deep cooperation

Accurate Delivery

We offer you a powerful target customer selection tool. Driven by artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies, the WiFi Master deeply analyzes user attributes, establishes a complete user portrait system, and provides multi-dimensional customer orientation functions such as hobbies and genders to ensure that your corporate information can reach the target group efficiently.

User portrait


Cost Controllable

According to different promotion purposes, we provide you with a variety of billing modes, as well as automatic optimization of the delivery effect, continuously improve the efficiency and output of advertising, to ensure that you can achieve the best results at the lowest cost.

At the same time, you can set a daily budget for your account or ad creative, and you can change or stop it at any time.

Precise budget

Effect optimization

Data Transparency

All advertising related data provided by the WiFi Master advertising platform is truly transparent. Through multi-dimensional data visualization charts and refined data analysis, we help you visualize the effectiveness of your ad delivery in the most objective way and perspective, so that the benefits of each of your budgets are clearly visible.

Data platform

Data analysis

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